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Options Terms


With this set of options, you can change the behavior of Obsly. Enable or disable each module as you wish, tailoring Obsly's functionality to your specific preferences.

  • isCrasherEnabled - That option determines whether Obsly captures errors to send them to the server. If it is enabled, errors can be viewed in the error section.
  • isLifeCycleEnabled - If this option is enabled, the events of the appearance of the view controllers and views are captured.
  • isRequestEnabled - If enabled, an HTTP event will be sent identifying all the data of that request. This option sends HTTP events. When activated, an HTTP event will be sent identifying all the data of that request.
  • isTaggerEnabled - When enabled, the tags are sent to the server.
  • isAutoTagsEnabled - When activated, the automatically created tags will be sent to the server.
  • captureResponseBodyOnError - If enabled, when an HTTPS request has a status code greater than 299, the error response body will be captured.
  • isViewHierarchyEnabled - If enabled, the screen hierarchy will be sent for later visualization.
  • hostBlacklist - We will use the provided array to exclude HTTP events from being sent for these domains. For example, if we add "*" to the array, no requests to the "" domain will be registered as HTTP events.
  • debugMode - If enabled, debugging details will be displayed in the console.